Teamsters 190, Billings, MT  

Montana Teamsters

Courtesy of Billings Community Foundation



Teamsters Local 190 serves 1700 hardworking members in southeastern Montana and northern Wyoming.

Affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Teamsters Joint Council No. 3, we represent a diverse number of occupations at many different companies.

Our members are UPS employees, city and county employees, law enforcement employees, school bus drivers, clerical, sugar workers, prosecuting attorneys, warehousemen, truck drivers, lumber distribution employees, sanitary employees, certified nurses’ aides, and construction workers, as well as many others.

Our offices are located at:

437 Kuhlman Drive

Billings, MT  59105

Office: 406-248-2658

Fax: 406-248- 1503






General Membership Meeting



April 1, 2014








Office Holiday Schedule


Closed on:



Good Friday


Memorial Day


4th of July

Independence  Day







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